How to export a report?

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Multipe export options to meet your needs. Video available.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to export a specific report or all the reports in one file.

Step 1. After generating a report, click on the PRINT & EXPORT menu.

The PRINT & EXPORT menu is located at the bottom-right of the screen.

By default, the menu options are not visible. To display the menu options, simply click on the black PRINT & EXPORT menu header. Clicking will then open the menu and display the following menu:

Step 2. Export the Report by Selecting the Desired Exportable Document

Exporting the Viewable Report

If you wish to export the currently generated report, you have 2 options:

Clicking Export as CSV creates a comma-seperated values file. In other words, a text file will all the date on seperate lines. In each row, the values will be seperated by either a comma or a semi-colon. You switch between a comma or a semi-colon, by selecting the desired delimiter in the select box just below the Export as CSV option.

Clicking Export as Excel creates an Excel file containing all the data within a worksheet.

Exporting All Reports as One File

Clicking Export All Reports as Excel creates an Excel file containing all the reports within one Excel sheet with multiple worksheets. Each report will be included in one sheet. This file will also contain one worksheet with all the employee details.
What file should be used to import data into my accounting software?

CSV is an extremely common file format that is supported by many software applications. If you wish, to import the data, your best option is to export the data as CSV and see if your software application can import CSV files.

CSV is also a good format to use to share data as it can be opened by a variety of spreadsheet applications like Excel, Sheets and Numbers. However, these applications are also able to open Excel files as well.

If sharing a CSV file with people who use Windows in the French language, we recommend saving the file delimited with a semi-colon. Applications like Excel consider the semi-colon as the default delimiter for CSV file when Windows is in the French language.


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