SME Package

One price for all types of businesses.

$180 / year

(taxes not included)
  • 10 users per account
  • Real-time calculator for payroll deductions or simulations
  • Optimized distribution of premiums for employee tax savings
  • User-friendly reports : Coverage, Breakdown of Premiums and Deductions & Taxable Benefits
  • Reports Exportable in CSV or Excel formats
  • Setup included
  • Support by telephone and email
calculatrice de retenues et d'avantages imposables

Setup of your plan and renewal adjustments included

Our team is happy to assist you with the setup of your account. Simply send us the information on your group insurance plan and we will setup the plan in your account. At renewal, send us the rate and/or plan adjustments and we will make the necessary adjustments for you.

Optimized distribution of premiums

Did you know that employees can save money depending on how you calculate employee deductions and taxable benefits? Our calculator optimises the distribution of premiums based on the benefits included in your plan and your cost sharing parameters.

optimized deductions and taxable benefits calculator

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Employee deductions and taxable benefits are easy to manage when you have the right tools. Vita Assure is here to help.

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The employee contributions and taxable benefits calculator is brought to you by Vita Assure offers insurance brokerage services specializing in group insurance plans. If you are not currently a client, feel free to take advantage of our free group insurance plan audit or contact us for a group insurance plan quote.