Vita Assure is a full service brokerage and consulting firm specializing in employee benefits for small and medium size businesses.

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What We Do: Group Insurance and so much more!

We design group insurance plans designed to meet your needs while keeping costs to a minimum.

  • New plan designs and plan audits
  • Requests for proposals from a multitude of insurers
  • Renewal analysis and negotiation
  • Setting up of group retirement plans
  • Expertise and support
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We are multi-faceted!

We can help with various types of group insurance plans.


We have many years of experience working with traditional plans and all the various insurers.


We are one of a few brokerage firms that offer a flex plan for small businesses.


If you want more control over your group insurance, ASO might be the perfect solution for you. We can help.

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The employee contributions and taxable benefits calculator is brought to you by Vita Assure offers insurance brokerage services specializing in group insurance plans. If you are not currently a client, feel free to take advantage of our free group insurance plan audit or contact us for a group insurance plan quote.