Save money for your employees by optimizing your employee deductions and taxable benefits originating from group insurance plan fees.

Create an account and get calculating.

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If your current payroll system doesn't have a group insurance module or your calculations are not optimised, Vita Assure can help.

We offer an employee contributions and taxable benefits calculator to assist with managing your payroll when implementing a group insurance plan. The software application is simple to use, works in real-time and ensures tax compliance.

Calculating Employee Benefits Has Never Been Simpler

Input employees and generate a report based on your group insurance plan on your laptop or tablet.

Deductions and taxable benefits for tablets and desktop.

Features that Allow You to be Efficient

Our platform is designed to work with your individual group insurance plan parameters.

Generate group insurance deductions.
Generate Detailed Reports
You can generate reports including your total premiums, total taxable benefits and total deductions.
Print employee contributions and taxable benefits.
Easily Print/Export Reports
Print and/or export a report of what you need for your records.
Group insurance plans for small businesses
Personalized for You
Your account is setup with your personalized group insurance plan.

A group insurance plan doesn't have to be hard to manage. Vita Assure is here to help.

Create an account and start calculating payroll deductions.

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The employee contributions and taxable benefits calculator is brought to you by Vita Assure offers insurance brokerage services specializing in group insurance plans. If you are not currently a client, feel free to take advantage of our free group insurance plan audit or contact us for a group insurance plan quote.